What’s happening now?

2017 May

We did it!!  The Bells will ring again!

I’m sure most of you will have heard by now that the Heritage Lottery Fund has offered us the full £90,000 we asked for to help towards the restoration and re-hanging of our four ancient bells for full circle ringing.  The Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust and the Diocesan Guild of Bell Ringers have also generously supported our project.  The Keltek Trust has given us two second hand bells to make a ring of six.  So for the first time in over 65 years the bells will ring out again.  We are aiming for our own new team to be ready to ring them for the Centenary of Armistice Day in November 2018.

Huge thanks for the dogged determination and patience of those who have worked so hard for this over four years, especially Cathy Gethin who has been involved from the outset.  Now we can have confidence that the restoration of the main body of the church is likely to proceed, and St. Faith’s will become a warm, comfortable and inviting place at the very heart of our community.

Now the real work begins…………………….

2017 March

Additional information to Faculty Office and new Notice of advice issued by DAC
Public Notice Documentcartoons_0004

2017 – January

Faculty applied for.
Heritage Lottery Fund Grant applied for
The Garfield Weston Foundation grant applied for.

2016 – December

Diocesan Advisory Committee approved the Bells project and issued ‘Notification of Advice’.  This enables us to apply for a Faculty (the equivalent of full Planning Permission from the church authorities.)

The Rowland Trust offers grant of £5000 towards Bells Project.